Mo-City Fitness Highlight Video

Check out one of the videos I shot for Mo-City Fitness. These videos will stream on a projector in the gym. 

Mo-City Fitness Team SBM video

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Fit Me Inc Clothing Shoot

Shot some of Team SBM in the new Fit Me Inc fitness clothing line.  


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Road 2 Miami

Do I did a video campaign with Team SBM highlighting some of their competitors getting ready to compete in Miami this weekend. I shared a photo shoot image of one in my previous blog and now I’d like to share the videos. Hope you enjoy.

Amber Eutsey Road 2 Miami part 1
Troy William Road 2 Miami part 2
Jennifer Gardner Road 2 Miami part 3

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Road To Miami

Had an awesome quickie photo shoot this morning. A friend from the gym is heading to The NPC Nationals at the end of the month and I thought this would’ve a great way to get her motivated. I figured shooting early on a Sunday morning would limit the traffic but it seemed like every few seconds there was a car going by. Oh well, we still made the most of it and knocked it out in about 20 minutes. 


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Formulation 1

I will be at The Formulation 1 Classic looking for models for my new magazine Fit Angels Magazine. I hope to see you Angels out there. I’ll be sitting in the Team SBM section taking pictures. Come say hello. I’d love to meet you.  


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